Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The "don't leave home without em's"

I've shown up to enough gigs where I plugged in and no noise came out of my cab, there was no power near by, I broke a string, or I dropped a pick. Now I keep a check list of "emergency" items that I take with to every gig. They are:

-Extra 20' instrument cable - incase one of mine doesn't work or I need to bypass a pedal that's not being happy
-Extra FULL set of strings - if you bring a pack that's missing a d-string, your d-string will break. That's how it works.
-20' Extention cord - I end up needing it 90% of the time.
-Gaffing tape - for whatever needs taping
-Extra pick that sets on my amp or music stand
-Screw driver - my strap locks used to come loose until I gorilla glued them in. I've also used it to change the string intonation. Never know when somethings coming unscrewed.

What emergency stuff do you take with to every gig?

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Steven said...

I agree, but would add a surge protector multi-outlet too. Seems I always need one of those, or get put in the corner where the bass player needs 3 outlets too. I always include a 2 pack of 9volt batteries too, even though I power my effect board. There seems to be random times once a month where an effect, patch cable or something goes haywire, and the batteries allow you to either play bare minimum, or fix those sources.

Also, shamless plug:

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