Monday, May 12, 2008

Profile of a guitarist: Michael Guy Chislett

Here's a guitar role model of mine: Michael Guy Chislett. He's the lead guitarist for Hillsong United and also plays with a "The Academy Is..." which will be playing on the Warped Tour this summer. He has great analog tone and plays really well. Here's his rig:

[62' VOX AC30_PreTopBoost]

[Goodsell 33w Head]

[Not sure if these are all his, but the Gretsch White Falcon and Gretsch Black Peguin are for sure]

[Pedalboard - effects listed below]

Strange Gray box??
Z.Vex Super Hard-on
Cusack Fuzz Screamer
MXR Blue Box
Rocktron Hush Super C
Cusack Tap-A-Whirl
divided by 13 Joyride
Keely 4-knob Compressor

Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde
Boss DD-5
Boss DM-2 (covered in stickers with a dice for the "Repeat Rate" knob
Ibanez TS-808 (original) tube screamer
Boss TU-2 Tuner
Z.Vex Fuzz Probe - super cool, the closer your foot gets, the more fuzz it makes
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal

Not sure what brand, but it's an effect loop contoller (update: I heard it's by "Loooper"). Each pedal is in it's own true bypass loop and it turned on and off by the switch on this controller.

There's a little blue pill box or something above the fuzz probe??
The DD-5 has a cable plugged into the tap tempo but I can't figure out what it's connected to.
What is the gray box in the top corner? The Super Hard-on is connected to it by input AND output. It almost looks like the DD-5 and DM-2's outputs are sent to it as well.
Either the Blue Box isn't plugged into the effect loop box on the bottom.


Cidy said...

He is amazing, aussie, the better gitarrist of the world!

Anonymous said...

RE: that grey box

it looks like that grey box at the top left of the board is a a/b/y splitter for running 2 amps at one time

Chris Nardino said...

I think the looper is by Timon Klein Industries. costumers listed on his website feature: Marty Sampson, Jad Gillies, JD, and Joel Houston. I dont know why Michael Guy's wouldnt be on that list. I did realize that Michael Guy's looper has its output on the left side compared to Timon's 10 loop which is left top. maybe he made it for him before he created his business. I'm not sure.

jeromeee said...

actually the loop bypass is made by Cusack Music. It's currently a prototype.

the blue box is attached with another pedal that goes into the looper hence it doesnt have its own specific plug. so.. its either that or something else. or both of them together as one bypass switch.

hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

the grey box could be power supply?

electric community said...

Could be power, but I see patch cables going in and out of it. I still don't know where power's coming from! The box could be an amp splitter or something for stereo FX since he is using two amps.

jorge said...

I Know For sure that the DD-5 is on Tap Tempo and its connected to the FS-5U ROLAND Footswitch to tap.

FS-5U is one of the pedals that michael Uses, but it's not shown. it's very useful.

Michael uses it on a 8th- dotted delay.

Anonymous said...

The grey box is a power supply and an a/b/y output for multiple amplifiers. The the output from the looper is sent to th egrey box which splits it into multiple signals for multiple amplifiers. The grey box uses just a regular power chord cable! simple as that.

- hillsong guitarist

Mike said...

Thanks for the info! It seems to be a Hillsong trend to have those boxes. Does a local aussie make them?

Kledo said...

Funny how some of those pedals are true bypass... yet he has them looped anyways. I guess it's just so that they're all right there on the looper. I really wish I had enough money for a pedal board like that. Good work on the profiling.

Anonymous said...

dude.. you´ve named the whole gig.. but.. im my case i need a pedalboard like that (bigggggggg) which is that one or .. what do you guys recommend!!

BTW thx!

Kledo said...

I'm pretty sure Michael's is custom made. I use a pedaltrain 2 board w/ flight case. They're very nice and sturdy. Slots all along to rout cables easily underneath the board. No built-in power supply though. If you have your pedal setup in cement, and you're willing do dish out the extra $$, a custom pedalboard from some company like trailer trash might suit you better. The pedalboard world is quickly expanding so... you have plenty of options. Just google "pedal board" for starters and check for reviews.

Anonymous said...

The Board is Made By Timon Klein Industries. He's a Musician from hillsong. He Makes Custom Pedal Boards along with the Looper. which is in fact a looper. It pretty much just gives you easy access to the pedal switches rather than trying to reach accross the board.

Anonymous said...

The board actually isn't made by Timon Klein Industries and neither is the Looper. This picture is fairly old. The little blue thing above the Fuzz Probe is a container for his picks, like said up before the top left grey box is a spliter for his various amps and supplies power for all of his pedals. He has a FS-5U like stated before but he doesnt have it on the pedal board, he has it floating of the pedal board (outside the photo). His pedal board would have changed quite a bit now but it still is a very unique and cool pedal board :).

Matthew said...

on this photo (his old old board) the tap tempo output goes into the the gray junction box in the top left corner, and he plugs his fs-5u into the box aswell. check this photo

(its a dodgy title but a sick website!!)

his new board has mostly visual sound and cusack pedals now! no dd-5 anymore either, instead a tc electronic nova delay!
ts-808 has gone aswell and he uses a visual sound open road, and his ernie ball vp jr has been replaced by the visual sound volume pedal!!!

his board is the one at the top

the other is Dylan Thomas', who plays lead for hillsong united now :)