Thursday, May 15, 2008

A shout out to the local guys

One of the things I've realized as I get more into amps and effects is that there are some pretty amazing boutique dealers out there. There was a time when I looked for effects by going to guitar center and seeing which boss pedal I liked best, now I find myself listening to sound samples from small companies from all over. I'm not into buying boutique for the sake of "sticking it to the man." I'll buy from big company when they make the best amp or pedal but I've been surprised to find that often boutiques make a BETTER effect or the same quality for a cheaper price. When that's the case, I go boutique. I've also come to realize that there are some amazing boutiques right in the minneapolis area. Here's my shout out to the locals, check em' out if you get a chance:

Savage Audio - About 5 mi. from my house there's an indoor go-kart track. On the back side of the building there's a shop that builds amps and repairs vintage gear. I take my amp there to get the tubes biased. Oh, and a few musicians have used their amps - Beck, Tom Waits, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Sheryl Crow, Counting Crows, R.E.M., and Wilco to name a few.

Z.Vex - I first saw one of their pedals at a Music-Go-Round (second hand music gear), it was the Wah probe and it looked crazy. They guy at the stored explained it to me and it's a really cool idea. There's a charged metal plate and the closer your foot gets to it, the higher the envelope filter. Check out the video on their site, the thing is nuts! And they hand paint their effects! In the previous post I listed Micheal Guy Chislett's gear, he has their Fuzz Probe and Super Hard On. Crazy that a guy in Australia uses gear from Minneapolis.

Van Amps - Who makes the absolute best analog spring reverb pedal? There's some debate, but the usual winner is either Fender or Minneapolis' own Van Amps Reverbamate. I recently got the Van Amps Sole-Mate (the single output version of the Reverbamate) and it sound fantastic!!

Minneapolis also has a slue of great vintage guitar/amps/effects shops and I can't forget to mention Slammhammer Cases, the road case builder that made my custom head case. They even made room for my power cable that doesn't unplug because it was converted from British to US power. Thanks guys!

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