Saturday, July 19, 2008

No more tap dancing!

I love stepping on pedals as much as the next guy, but lately it's been bugging me more. I especially notice it on the complicated songs... like Hosanna by HSU. I have delay and light OD on the second chorus but for the solo I switch to analog delay with tube screamer. I have the foresight to tap the tempo into the analog delay at an early break, but I still have to: turn off the DL4, turn on the Memory Lane, turn off the light OD, turn on the TS. I can do it quick but it still means I don't play for about 2 beats and it's easy to get off tempo while frantically stepping. After the solo I reverse the process. I'm always far less worried about playing the songs right as I am about getting the right pedal combinations. The solution:

Musicom Labs EFX

I actually got the original, not the MKII, used so it's a little different and used - so much cheaper. What it will do is, let me program up to 128 preset combinations of 8 effects loops. For songs like hosanna it will be bank 1 for the second chorus and bank 2 for the solo. One button. It also acts as a midi controller and since I'm in the process of getting an Eventide Time Factor (which can be midi controlled!) I can set the EFX presets to change the TF presets. A lot of the places I play use a click - either for reason or just because - so I'll be able to set tempos for the TF presets before hand and never need to tap it! Right now I'm tapping the DL4 because it doesn't have enough presets and sometimes it's majorly stressful on quick transitions to change what pedals are on and make sure I'm taping beats 3 & 4 as the drummer clicks us in. The EFX will be great for getting rid of noise and cable suck (loops and two buffers) but I'm most excited to just think less about pedals and more about the music.

In other news, I found a guitar teacher to try! He used to play in a band I liked and he's a sick player. I really respect his playing and hope to learn a lot. First lesson is next week, more on that later.

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