Tuesday, July 22, 2008

waiting, waiting, waiting

The scumback speakers should be done any day now. I can't wait for those to get here, I'm using pretty mediocre speakers right now (G12T-75s) and I can't wait to hear what the scumback's sounds like.

Also waiting on the TIM pedal by Paul Cochrane. I ordered in in May and it should be done in Sept. I realize that's much much shorter than people who ordered a year ago had to wait, but it's killing me. Especially since I really don't like the light OD I have right now and that's what I use on 80% of worship tunes. I love the high gain on the Twin Tube Classic but the "rhythm" section isn't my favorite anymore. I'm going with a TIM (maybe a timmy) and an OCD or Box of Rock to replace the Twin Tube. I'm going to build a new pedal board so I can use the Musicom EFX (see previous post) but I don't want to build it until I get rid of the Twin Tube so I know how everything will fit. My Patience got the best of me today and I bought a used Blues Driver (non-Keely) for cheap so I can get on with my pedalboard until the TIM arrives. I'm not sure if the BD-2 will do any better than my TTC but it's at least the right size and will let me get the OCD or BoR so start playing with them. Oh gear, oh gear.

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