Thursday, August 14, 2008

Whoops, haven't written in a while

I realized I haven't written in a while so here are three ideas in one post:

My Scumback speakers finally came a few weeks ago! They sound fantastic!! I like how they sound in my open back cab too. The combination of G12T-75s and my closed back 2x12 made for some muddy bass but the Scumback's in the open back are super clear. While my head is Marshall and the scumback's are voiced like vintage greenback's, I think the open back mixes in a bit of Fender or Vox character - which is a good thing, especially for the cleans. Between the scumback's and the buffer I got (have I mentioned that yet? I got a micro-buffer 2 from doob tone that added a significant amount of clarity and punch to my cable-suck) everything is much clearer.

I think this clarity surprised me. Suddenly I can hear a lot of nuances in my playing that were blurred before. Previously, I had thought those nuances were only heard on acoustic guitar. I actually had it in my head that acoustic tone was about nuances and electric tone was about other things... like interacting with effects and overdrive. I've been pretty amazed to hear the tiny details that used to be lost on my electric ringing through clearly. It's like the best of both worlds. It also forces me to play better as I can't get away with slop!

Still waiting on a few pedals. The TIM is scheduled to be done in September sometime. I've saved enough to get the Fulltone OCD and Eventide Time Factor but I'm waiting for a deal. Musicians friend has deals once in a while where you spend a certain amount and get some off, or guitar center will mail a 15% off coupon. I'm being patient and spending my money wisely even though I really want the stuff now!!

I started taking lessons from Alex Moreno - a local guitarist who used to play in a band (secret solution - check out "june") I used to like. He's a great guitarist and I've been really impressed so far. I was relying too much on the pentatonic scale so the first thing he had me do was learn the major scale and all it's modes. If you name a key I can now play every note on the fretboard that fits the key - something I couldn't do before. Right now it's just scales but I'm assuming we're going to do something like the CAGED system to incorporate chords and really open up the neck. Even though it's just scales, it's been fun. And it has me playing everyday - I've noticed for any instrument and even voice, if I play everyday I improve much faster. If I go a few days without playing I take a small step backwards.

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