Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Done for now! I used the board on Saturday for a rehersal and Sunday night at church. My favorite part is how the Musicom sends MIDI changes to the time factor to call up presets. The musicom is super easy to use and I was able to make changes on the fly on Sunday when we rehearsed. Even changing the tempo of a song wasn't too hard. Good deal. Here are new pics, click to enlarge:

(with room for a TIM [within weeks!] or other OD on the left)

(showing how stealth the wires/cables are)

(Lava Cable for the win! Nothing else would have fit like this)


rhoy pamparo said...

impressive, very nice. don't you find it hard to tap on the dml & your eventide external tap while playing live?

Anonymous said...

Attractive. Looks like you and I have the same problem-- love our dirt boxes!
What do you use your BD2 for? Just curious cuz I really love mine (Monte Allums H20 mod- reviewed on my site:-) ) but am not sure what do do with it.

BTW, Analogman is working on a OD9/808 mod with a "bad bob" boost INSIDE it. I'm interested :)


Phillip said...

That is a pro board, man. I've been looking/drooling at those Eventide delays for a while now. I know they're infinitely tweakable, but how do the analog delay models sound? You probably use your Memory Lane for the analog sounds, but the TimeFactor would be my only delay (if I decide to sell a kidney and buy one, that is).

I'm still waiting on my Timmy, too. I called Paul back on April Fool's Day. I think he's currently getting March orders out, so it should be any day now.

electric community said...

Thanks for the kind words!

Rhoy - nope, there's enough room. plus most of the drummers I play with use a click and send me the BMPs beforehand so I make a preset for each song on the TF and the switcher sends a MIDI change to the TF to call up the preset. Super nice!

LP Doctor- I didn't used to have this many until lately. the BD2 is my low OD right now til the TIM comes. I'm going to leave it on the board but probably won't use it for worship. it's good for the cover band and I'm getting into blues these days. Works great for that!

Phil - I waited 3 months until musicians friend had a 15% discount :) Still expensive but better. I'm not super impressed with the "vintage" delay but I really like the tape echo or "TAPECHO" as the display reads and the guys I play with call it! It gets progressively darker as it repeats which sounds more analog. There are tons of sounds, you'd definitely find a digital and analog delay you can use in it. Lucky on the timmy coming soon! I ordered in May and just saw on his myspace it will be November sometime. I contacted some of the stores that resell TIMs and I might buy from them and sell the one from Paul for the price I pay...

Karl said...

Massive props, bro.

Any tone suck with the Musicom, or is it killer?

electric community said...

Only a slight change if I bypass the board all together. Could just be the extra cable though. In theory if nothing's on, the signal goes in the musicom, get's two good buffers (slap on the butt), and it sent strait to the output bypassing each pedal.