Friday, October 17, 2008

Getting there!!

As of last night, my pedal board is tolexed and I have the plexi cut to size. I still need to attach the plexi, attach the PP2 to the bottom, velcro pedals, and wire the whole thing. Wiring is going to be a beast. Since I'm using effects loops for everything I need something like 19 cables and 38 plugs. I'm using the new right-angle solderless plugs from Lava and ELC mini cable. I needed tiny plugs to fit in the musicom effects switcher so lava won even though it cost a bit more. here's what the board looks like:
(click to enlarge)

I didn't put all the pedals on for the picture (don't even have some of them yet!) but here's how it should turn out:


Karl said...

That looks really clean. Props, man. Oh ya, and +1 on Lava cables....that's going to be a great board.

electric community said...

Thanks! I might have to have a "no shoes on the pedal board" rule, hahaha.

rhoy pamparo said...

holy smokes! that's a very nice and clean board you got. nice gear, of course. i would probably do a no-shoe as well if that is my board. heck, i probably won't wear shoes myself!

electric community said...

I might as well just pour a pint on it and get it over with! Otherwise I'm going to be dusting and de-smudging it all the time.