Thursday, October 23, 2008

ode to my housemates

I live with three guys I've know for years in a big house that we rent. The living situation is great but lately I realized how lucky I am to live with these guys. Here are a couple quotes that emphasize my point:

"Whoa" - Joe M. said as we were watching "out of my mind" on the the new John Mayer DVD (Where the Light is - which is AWESOME! Go get it). I respond, "What, how he just bent the 2nd up to the 3rd even though though it's not in the blues scale but works over the I7 chord? Oh so tasty." "No, that fill!" said Joe - a drummer. I talk to so many guitar players I forget other musicians listen and watch for different things. Joe's played drums since before I knew how to whistle and while he's the most technical and musical drummer I've ever played with, he's also the only one I've ever know to obsess over drum tone. TONE. He doesn't just hit it, he doesn't just hit it in the sweet spot, he hits it in the place where it gets the specific tone he wants at that moment. He'll spend a day auditioning cymbals like I will auditioning overdrives and he hears the difference between new and vintage cymbals - when they used to rib both sides before they "refined" the process, as he would say. Among other things, he reminds me to listen to other parts of the song and lock in.

"[some profound explanation]" ok, that's a lame quote but I'll explain. My other housemate, Ryan, has played violin since he was a kid and picked up bass few years ago. He's also managed to become a super good sound engineer, both live and in the studio. He's the smartest person I know and music/physics/the art of mixing just make sense to him. My lame quote could be one of the numerous answers he's give me to sound questions or just something he said in conversation when we're talking music. He's helped me EQ my gear and taught me to make it sound good in the context of a full band, not just in the basement by myself. He never thinks of my tone my it's self, always in context of drums, bass, vox, acoustic, etc., like it's one of the channels in his mixer soloed.

"What makes this guitar $1,000 better than your old one?" Haha. Joe W. keeps me honest from time to time. He has thousands of dollars of audio equipment in his room though, so he can't give me too much crap. Joe and I used to build speaker cabinets together in high school and basically anything that looks good on my new pedal board is because he helped or did it for me! He has an electronic degree which means he knows the secrets to how pedals work. We almost built a buffer together but that's been it so far.

This is just a small number of reasons why I'm lucky to live with these guys and I happened to base all these around music/guitar but they're a huge blessing in lots of areas, not just music!

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rhoy pamparo said...

friends like that are hard to come by but a real blessing once you find them! its always good to have someone who can bring you back to reality :)

good for you!