Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Used gear

There's a saying, "Buy used, play for free." What it means is, when you buy used gear, you can often sell it for the same price you paid. Aside from shipping it didn't cost you anything to play with that gear for a while.

I've been going through more gear lately... sometimes just buying stuff to hear what it sounds like with no real intention of keeping it! It'd be ridiculous to pay full price and turn around and sell it for 30% less so I've fallen in love with buying used. It's a little more work and often involves waiting longer, but it's worth it to save the chedda (yes I use 90's hip hop slang).

Today I realized I have all these sites tucked away for finding deals so I figured I'd share em. You probably have sites that aren't on my list... so help me out and tell me what they are!!

My used gear sites:

eBay used gear emporium (used gear)

and my local shops that probably won't help you!

What are yours?


rhoy pamparo said...

i'm a little wary about buying used stuff from the net. i've looked at craigslist every once in a while but my best bet is thru other people i know and/or local stores where there are policies around return/refund/warranty for used equipments. but that is just me, of course.

Brian Keith said...

Karl said...

I hear ya, brother. I have 6 pedals coming in the mail right now. How many will I keep? Probably zero. But did I have fun? Oh yes.

hehe And I pretty much hang out at the same haunts you listed.