Tuesday, November 4, 2008


...for a while at least. I won't try to tell myself this is never going to change, but hopefully I'm done for a bit. I like how everything sounds right now. I got my Tim last night and I didn't have enough time to find all the ins and outs, but I had long enough to know it's a keeper! I must have measured well because it fit right in my "missing tooth" spot on the board.

Last weekend I was a dork and ran my cab down the hall and shut it in a bedroom, miked it, and listened to everything through our studio speakers and headphones. I re-EQed my amp to compliment the mike and speakers. I'm amazed at how non-marshall-y my marshall can sound. Using an open back cab lets it breath a lot more and by bumping the EQ up around 10kHz I can get that Vox chime too. I was able to get a clean tone I was happy with, and the OCD sounds great. My big dissappointment was with the Keeley BD-2. It sound great with bluesy lead stuff, but pretty aweful on chords and invervals. There's a fizz to it that won't go away and was really bugging me. It also stacks terribly with a tube screamer. I'll keep it for what it's good at but it wouldn't work as my main low gain. Thank goodness the Tim came the next day! No fizziness and it stacks well.

Here's the board with the Tim:


Karl said...

That is a thing of beauty. Massive props. Has the Tim changed your life yet? ;)

Seriously, awesome board, brother.

rhoy pamparo said...

looks like a pro-board :)

good for you! hope to hear some sample of the tim from you soon :)

electric community said...

Thanks guys! Feels good to have something done after a few months of throwing together a bag of pedals for each gig!

rhoy- interestingly, trying all these ODs made me like the twin tube classic even more. It's in the relm of a tim and OCD in one box. Not quite the same, but similar. If the musicom could have controlled each channel separately I'd have thought about keeping it. Super under-rated in my opinion!

electric community said...


and yes, the tim is changing my life! It's magic, haha. It's the first OD I've used that gives me the amount of dirt I want for lead lines but doesn't go over the top when I switch to chords. Beautiful.

rhoy pamparo said...

oh that's too bad, i really really like the sfx-03 and its nice to hear that its still getting some love ;)
btw, i hope you didn't sell it. 'coz i think it really is a classic.

enjoy you're new setup, i'm sure it will give tons of new inspiration

lespaulplayerdoctor said...

a little jealous of your rig there, mate.
However, I think I've echoed your point on the BD2 (I have the Monte Allums mod). I think its phenomenal for lead work, but could never find a setting for rhythm or chord work. Just.. sucked in that category. Everytime I think of Ebaying it, I plug in a play a riff or bend a few notes and it makes me smile :)

Bravo on the rig!