Friday, November 7, 2008

fuzz hates buffer, TS loves low voltage

I was playing around with my board last night and remembered a few things:

1) Germanium fuzz HATES a buffer before it. I forgot I had always played with the peppermint fuzz without the musicom until last week. I tried to use it at the halloween gig and it sounded like crap so I just used the OCD for what I was doing. I played with it last night and I thought I had broken it or the battery was on its last leg or something. Then I remembered the musicom has a buffer before the 1st and 5th loops and you can bypass the first one for fuzzes. I turned the buffer off and poof, the fuzz went back to being a fuzz, not a farty spitty 8-bit tone destroyer.

2) I forgot I had moved the tube screamer to a different output on the pedal power II and hadn't changed the SAG level yet. I usually leave the SAG about half way down. Man does it make a difference! It softens the attack and makes it smoother all around. I know a lot of you have TSs and PP2s. If you haven't played with the SAG and TS you should try it, you might find a different sound in there. It might not be the tone you want at all, but I like it. Come to think of it, I wonder if the blues driver could use some SAG.......


lespaulplayerdoctor said...

I always get something straight from your posts. Most of the time its stuff i had thought about before but did not think to put in words. The TS low voltage thing is sooo true. I would say its true for alot of the main stream pedals. My Boss Compressor Allums mod (CS3) has a very interesting "crackle-ish growl" at low voltage. Its clean, but dirty toned in the same breath.

How is your G&L BB treating you?

Karl said...

haha Ya, germanium transistors are the most picky electronics I have ever heard. They react to everything, and they absolutely have to be first in your chain. I have no idea why. But as long as they sound as good as they do, I do whatever they tell me to. ;)