Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy belated birthday

Aw! I just missed my amps birthday. I was reading comments on lespauldoctor's blog about tubes and I had to run downstairs and see what brand of tubes I have. I thought I had JJ EL34s but it turns out I have Winged C EL34s. I remembered when I saw it. Doh. Since I already had a flashlight pointed in the head's vents, I decided took look around. For an old amp it's looking really good! No rust or anything. I came across a sticker from when my tubes were last replaced/biased and it was only a year ago, so I think I'm good for a bit more. Then I came across the original sticker from then the amp was made. Along with some quality control signatures, it said:


Hand-wired in London, England on October 26, 1972. Happy 36th birthday. Along the way it was modded for a half power switch and separate gain/volume which is a life saver... they made the superbasses extra loud for a 100W amp but it's reasonable with the separate gain. I love this amp.


Karl said...

Beautiful. Man, I seriously love the way you approach guitar. I run my main amp with a half power switch and master volume, as well. All about the sound, not just the loudness. Props on a great amp.

electric community said...

The half power has never sounded right so I just use the master volume. The nice thing is the volume doesn't change the amount of gain (maybe that's a "duh" but I've seen some that do) so I leave the gain at the sweet spot and adjust the volume to the room. It can go from quieter than an AC30 to "get me out of here."