Friday, November 7, 2008

slide, slide, slig-it-y-slide

I went to Willies guitars the other night. Check out their site, they have crazy vintage gear. I played a 64' strat and a 58' P-bass and was tempted by their never ending supply of 60s blackface fender amps. My GAS was out of control so I knew I needed to find something cheap to get before I blew my life savings. I decided to get a slide. I already have a brass slide I hardly ever use... but maybe I just don't use it because it's brass and too bright. If I have a ceramic slide I'll use it more. At least that's what my crazy GASed rational told me. So I got it.

Anyone use these? I like the idea of a slide and I know the basics of how to work it, I think my technique is just so awful that I never like the sound I get. I think I'll learn how to use it right. I have a lesson tonight so I'll have my teacher show me the magic. Do you have any tips? Do you ever use a slide?

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Anonymous said...

Well- since I'm from Nashville- I learned slide country/blues style on acoustic. Was a bit tough learning. When they showed me alternate tunings, it became easier but was still a chore. This was back when #1 on CCM radio was "Lord of the Dance" by SCC. So slide was cool then.

Electric wise, I learned to do the lead from "Entertaining Angels" by the Newsboys many years ago. Was fun, but I don't see myself playing slide on electric.
It is a skill though, few guitar players can boast that they can play with it. Let us know what you have!