Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Whoo, I finally have some time off! I thought there was going to be tons of free time at this conference but the last few days have been eat, sleep (a little), rehearse. The good news is it's only the second day of the conference (though the band's been practicing for 4 days) and there are three days left. The band is finally feeling tight as of this afternoon, so the rest of the conference should be much easier than the first couple days.

Some highlights:

1) I get to play a Rhodes. Part of our plan was to just bring a bunch of instruments and find a use for them later. My area has my normal setup plus a 60s Fender Rhodes into a DL4 delay into a Fender Deville amp. I haven't played my DL4 in months so I've had a sweet reuntion!! It sounds amazing on the Rhodes. I'm using the lo res delay, reverse delay, and the auto swell - which I'm particularly fond of on the Rhodes. It sounds great and I'm a closet wanna be keyboardist, after a closet wanna be drummer of course. I remember enough from my years of piano lessons to work through chord progressions and lead lines I would play on guitar. I'm playing the rhodes as a pad (with the auto swell) at some points, and so far on one song I'm just playing the rhodes.

2) We also have a random american strat laying around and I've had some fun playing it through the fender amp when we're messing around. It tickles my blues ich. Someday I'd like to have a strat > fender amp setup. I can wait though :)

3) I still love the musicom EFX. I don't want to keep harping on it, but it's sooo so nice just hitting a button to switch effects and delay presets.

4) Like I said earlier, the band is finally getting really tight.... it only took 20 some hours over 4 days, haha. I guess we were never really not tight, but sometime today we passed a barrier and locked in. At first it took a lot of work to get new songs down but this afternoon we threw a coulpe together surprisingly fast. We're finally used to playing with each other and I noticed we're adding our own style to everything. It's been a fun thing to experience. Especially since most places I play have different players each week.


Anonymous said...

awesome telling of events. I secretly want to play keyboard too. I had about a semester's worth of lessons and its been 3 years since I have even touched one. I agree with the Strat setup. Man, I don't love strats, but the smaller neck is just.. whoo. I have my eye on an American standard to gift myself when I graduate in a year and 1/2. Either that or one of the 'relics' at proguitarshop. Yeah....

Mike said...

Nice! Good gift to yourself. I dig those custom shop relics.