Thursday, December 4, 2008

DIY Tap Tempo fun

I've had this thing done for a while now but I didn't realize it was actually working until last night. Whenever I tried to use it with the time factor it didn't do anything when I pressed down the switch but when I released the switch it turned on "infinite repeat" on the TF. I assumed I had wired it backwards so the circuit was completing on release instead of when the switch is down but when I finally broke out the TF manual last night, I realized I just had the TF set wrong. I had done everything correctly for setting up tap tempo, but you can set up multiple controls on the TF for a single switch and I realized "infinite repeat" was set to go on or off whenever the circuit is broken. That explains why it was changing on release. I changed the TF so it doesn't do anything when the circuit is broken and now tapping works. Hooray!

The nice thing is I haven't needed an external tap yet. All the drummers I've played with over the past few months have used a click so I just set the BPMs, save as a preset, and recall that preset when the song starts. I love drummers who use the click! The only exception is my cover band where we don't use a click. I only use delay on a few of our songs and I use the Memory Lane, not the Time Factor, for those anyway.

If you want to make your own tap check our Phil's blog DIY Tap Tempo and How to build your own tap tempo pedal - it's what I used!

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Karl said...

Good stuff! I suck at soldering, but it's worth a shot!