Thursday, January 1, 2009

Conference #2

There's my setup for the last week or so. I have to say I got pretty spoiled being able to pick up whatever guitar will work best for a song and jumping on the Rhodes whenever I wanted. I got my set list for Church back home on Sunday and I was thinking about which guitar to use on each song... then I realized I'm only going to bring one guitar.

New years eve we played a bunch of cover songs for a dance party - Love shack, Hit me Baby One More Time, Fresh Prince theme, Sweet Home Alabama, etc. Then we did worship tunes at new years. The night was fun. The morning was a different story. We were supposed to play at 9:30am New Years morning after playing the party the night before. Luckily the speaker wanted to go long so we were just going to play one song at the start and the worship leader was going to do a solo acoustic song at the end of the talk. I went to bed late and next thing I knew someone was knocking at the door at 9:15 wondering why we weren't in the conference room. Oops! We threw on some clothes, went down, made sure our instruments worked, and jumped right into "Undignified." Once we were done with our only song I went back to the room and promptly fell back asleep. I can't say for sure, since I don't really remember, but I'm pretty sure I played Undignified in my sleep.

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Karl said...

Beautiful rig, brother.