Monday, January 5, 2009

The rehearsal pheomina

I've noticed a pattern that seems to happen every week I play at my "home" church. It goes something like this:

Rehearsal (a 45 minute practice right after soundcheck):
- I play timidly as I'm concentrating on listening to the other parts and making sure mine fit in
- I inevitably play a couple absolutely awful, out of key, notes while I'm experimenting/remember what parts I play that make the worship leader look over and smile/laugh at me.
- I start to think I should have practiced more

Run Through (a dress rehearsal with correct lighting and timing between songs):
- At least one transition will be far far faster than I expected and I'll scramble to switch effects fast enough and miss the first measure.
- I'll forget what I part I came up with for part of a song

First Service:
- Everything goes fine. No missed notes, transitions are clean, I remember all my parts and play confidently.

Second Service:
- Everything goes great. Everything is memorized and fun now.

Does anyone else have a similar ritual? Each week it blows my mind that I play so differently between the first rehearsal and the last service. It used to freak me out when I'd play timidly or make mistakes during rehearsal but I've started to realize that this just happens and I'll be fine by the first service. It makes it easier to laugh at myself at rehearsal and think "haha, don't do that next time." instead of "OMG, u suck at guitar." And yes, I think like a 16-year old girl texts for some reason.


lespaulplayerdoctor said...

Wed nights: practice, screw up royally, and laugh alot. Last 20-30 mins we go "for real" and it sounds pretty good. I try to write down on my tab sheets what I'm playing and tab out the basics.

Sun morn: 15-20 mins of soundcheck, setup and run through 1-2 songs as warmup.
1st service: generally I have no bass or acoustic. That changes my approach to the songs as it determines my role. Generally we play a bit more low key as this is the 'old' people service. This is kinda my 'rehearsal' as I really feel the songs out and think ahead of what I want to do. Its more chill cuz I generally play more rhythm.
2nd service- throw all the songs out the window, we're in the Spanish service and our english songs are different- this service is a touch more charismatic so i can pretty much play anything and be cool. Plus 1/2 the songs are in a minor key; fun? Heck ya!
3rd service: now that I got that out of my system, had a rehearsal of the songs, we generally rock out this 3rd service. I am warmed up for rhythm by the first service and lead by the 2nd. This one always goes well.

the sad part is our attitude tends to be: "that didn't sound well-- we'll have it worked out by the 3rd service!"

eric beeman said...

Ours are exactly like you described! ;)

Thanks for the comment on "Guitar for worship"

I hear you loud and clear... It's all about balance.