Thursday, January 15, 2009

Saving incentive

Most of us gear heads aren't the best at keeping our cash. I say cash because we're secretly good at saving... gear just isn't the most liquid of assets. In a pinch we could sell all gear for close to what we paid since we got it used or it's vintage or we made it better or whatever. That makes us better savers than people who throw money away on frivolous stuff with no value, but not by much!

Now is a good time to save money though. While I think the economy and stock market will eventually rebound , the next few years will be interesting to say the least. I've decided to save. Saving isn't fun though, I need something to look foreword to or I'll probably quit. This might be the most backwards incentive to save ever, but I made a deal with myself: If I get my savings to a goal I've set, I'll buy myself something nice. I set my goal pretty high and added in the cost of my "something nice" so I'm not back below my goal after the fun present. The something nice I decided on is a divided by 13 JRT 9/15 combo.

I like my amp so I've never seriously looked at getting another amp, but once in a while I go on the "search for a great amp" just for fun - because sometimes figuring out what to get is more fun than actually having it!! I almost always land on the JRT 9/15. Divided by 13 makes amazing stuff and the JRT 9/15 is like two amps in one, a 9 watt Fender tweed style 6V6 amp and a 15 watt EL84 that's like an AC15 or Marshall 18 watter. It's great for recording and gives a lot of sound options in one package. Even better, it gets tones my superbass can't.

It will be a long time before I get this but hopefully it makes the months of thrifty living more palatable knowing I have something cool to look forward too!


Brian said...

Dont watch Craigslist ads until you have all the cash ready :-)

Phillip said...

Those amps are amazing, dude. That's one of the amps that I will own someday.

Karl said...

Good choice. :) To say the least.

But why not just put it on a credit card, and then use the savings to pay it off? It's the American way.


electric community said...

Brian - good advice! I used to check CL once or twice a day, even if I didn't want anything at the time... bad idea! I always found something I didn't know I needed.

Phil - yeah, I agree! Hopefully it will make it easier to NOT buy other things.

Karl - Good idea! Maybe I can get an interest only loan with an adjustable interest rate, it's not like the interest rate will ever go up.

Dan said...

That's a great goal and this is the time to get a great deal. Gelb Music is around the corner from me and they have been marking down the /13 and 65 amps. My buddy, a worship pastor, has been talking about buying a /13 to be the house amp at his church.

Anonymous said...

Oh man what a great blog! And what a great post to introduce me to it! I agree, my wife and I have been talking about how to make it through saving this year more than before. Honestly, before I came to work full time at my church, I was in management for Bank One/Chase Bank and 'put it on a credit card' IS the American Way. I'm so disgusted by the advice I took from my own company thinking that it was the way to buy things!

Ah well, on a slightly more positive note, our guitarist just bought a Divided by 13! He began his gear quest last year and finally decided on it. I (and he I believe) would tell you that the search is just as fun as the actual purchase!
Maybe I can get some recordings for you to vicariously live through until you get yours :)

Mike said...

dan- I'm pretty sure you'd have an easy time finding unpaid subs if they get to play with a /13 :)

Worshipcity - Thanks! I like your blog too. I found it off Karl's blog roll I think. The other guitarist at my home church has an RSA 31 so I'm already living vicariously through him!