Monday, June 15, 2009

Gear wish list

If I had more money than I knew what to do with I would:

- Switch out the pickups in my ES-137.

- Trade my peppermint fuzz for a fuzz that doesn't suck.

- Get a strat (style) guitar - possibly build one from parts.

- Get a Class A EL84 amp.

- Get a 6V6 bluesy amp.

- Trade my Les Paul for a better one, or just upgrade all the electronics in my current (though the feel of the neck is part of what I don't like).

- Get a guitar with P90s like a Les Paul Jr or a Jazz Master.

That's it :)


Anonymous said...

I think we're on the same wavelength here.
I got the 6v6 bluesy amp and am looking for a single coil guitar. I ordered a P90 guitar from a luthier to be ready by next June. And I've been thinking I love the sound of my LP, but not the feel.

Ben said...

Funny, just discovered your blog and found out that I pretty much think alike about gear.
I'm happy with the feel and sound of my les paul BUT it has to be refretted.
Then there is the strat I put together with two P90s in, so it's basically a Jazzocaster. Like it a lot, but I still want to put together a strat with regular pickups.
Love my Class A Orange amp, but just ordered a Deluxe Reverb clone.

It will it ever end ;D , it's just too much fun.

electric community said...

LP Dr - Totally! 12 month wait? I couldn't do it!

Ben - Glad you found it! I'd read your blog, aber mein Deutsch ist nich so gut! Which DR clone did you order?

Ben said...

Wow, dein Deutsch ist nicht schlecht.
I ordered a clone from a German guy. It's actually pretty amazing, I always loved the sound of the blackfaces and the looks of the tweeds. Didn't want to buy Fender cause I don't like that company (as oposed to the guy who invented all this great stuff). So I was looking for clones like Victoria and stuff, but they are so expensive.
until recently I found this German guy:
he has good reviews and after some email exchange I ordered a deluxe reverb clone (blackface specs(handwired and everything)) in a tweed housing for 700 euros!!! that is less than the price of the reissues over here.
Still can't believe it. Right now my dreamamp is beeing built. God really wants to make me happy ;D

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 12 mo, but he said it could be ready sooner. I don't mind. Its like 80 bucks a month until then and then I'll have a guitar from a reputable builder built to my specifications!! Yippee!!!