Thursday, July 16, 2009

This made me laugh

While checking out craigs list I came across this post:

Talented Guitarist Looking to Tour

My name is Josh and I am a skilled musician and guitarist. My plans for going to college fell through so I am currently looking to join a band that is touring or planning on touring and doing lots of work. I am a very committed person and am willing to go as far as the band is willing to go. I have lots of experience with playing in bands, playing shows, and I have been playing guitar for 8 years. I also sing and play a little piano. Please contact me if you are a serious band and you are in need of a guitarist. Thanks!


If only there were an "established band who had already put in all the grunt work and had worked their way up to being a touring band so we could jump on their band wagon" for every guitarist who thought they were good enough. I hear these bands go to Guitar Center to find new local talent. Maybe if you go there 8 hours a day and play through a dimed 150W amp someone will pick you up for their fall tour.

Feeling cynical,


Anonymous said...

Reminds me when we were recruiting some new guitar players to rotate with: "I play lead" "I play lead"
okay... who plays rhythm? "I'd rather play lead"

finally: okay, we have a lead player, and we'll need a rhythm, and we can slowly rotate you into a lead position.

Then we find out everyone who could play "lead" only knew a pentatonic and the lead line from "Smells like Teen Spirit" and couldn't quite figure out how to put the pentatonic in the right key.

For me, when we recruited it was: do you feel comfortable in rhythm? (you can always teach a lead part) and if the person said yes-- 1/2 way there!
If they said "Oh, I'm awesome, and I'm really good" .... usually not. No room for showoffs in our band ;)

-also cynical

Karl said...

hehehe That's pretty awesome. :) Everyone wants the work done first without them. I keep looking in the classifieds every day for 'U2 hiring guitarist', but it's been unfruitful thus far.